About Chris

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Chris is a Professional EOS Implementer™ with years of experience working with senior management teams to grow their companies.

Chris doesn’t just work with entrepreneurs - he is one. As a founder or early team member of multiple companies, Chris has experienced the pain of hitting the ceiling, the struggles of making payroll, and the thrill of successfully defining new markets. The largest of these companies grew to over $140 million in revenue.

In working with these companies, Chris identified the need for a simple, consistent way of managing the business at all levels. After several false starts, Chris implemented one of the world's most popular business operating systems and became sold on its merits. That’s when he decided to team up directly with vendor to bring the system to his network and the Houston and Austin markets in hopes that he could bring this way of operating to other entrepreneurs. 

Chris now spends all of his time helping other entrepreneurs get control of their businesses. His energy and passion are contagious no matter if he is in a session with a client, giving a keynote address, or rolling up his sleeves in a workshop. 

Chris works throughout the U.S., but lives in Fulshear, Texas with his wife Cris, and children Tyler, Parker and Ford.